Build Fine Art Collections Since 1965

Welcome to Building Fine Art Collections since 1965.

Few galleries can boast a legacy spanning four decades. Gallery Shoal Creek is an exception. In May 2006, the gallery moved down the street and around the corner to an inviting new space at 29th and San Gabriel. Here at Gabriel’s court, Austin’s hallmark gallery continues the tradition of showcasing a sophisticated range of fine art by regional, national and international talent.

By the way, why do we save or preserve fine art works? Preserving fine art works for a long time is very essential especially for younger generation. This is one way we are learning about our forefathers of the past generations. It is where we can at least see or picture what kind of life is in the 20th century, 17th century and so on. We can have at least insights and understanding how they struggle at their time, of how they picture the world and what message they want to express.

These galleries give motivation, inspiration for the younger generation.