The Change, The Renaissance, The Struggle

The world has been darkened. It is very hard to see the light. People are helpless. There is no freedom. The wages of every disobedience is death. Even if people want to go back to their own homeland, they cannot. This is the time of the Dark Age! Millions of lives were lost. Innocent bloods were shed. This mark the most brutal crime in the history. There is no more importance of humanitarian. The church and the kings had possessed the power to rule over all the world.

The middle ages have brought forth a time of the plagues, a time of diseases and even a time of death. Europe was torn into pieces spreading to Franks, Saxons, Scots, Vikings and so on. There is a great schism. People are hopeless. Tomorrow is another day but when is freedom granted? Who is brave to defeat this struggle and who will awaken people being in slave? Despite everything, a new change has emerged. There is no more the Dark Age. A change of the winds has come.

There is economic revival. There is cultural revival. People have awakened! They are like activists fighting for independence. They are greatly complimented for their contribution. These are the following people that changed the world. Leonardo da Vinci, Machiavelli, John Calvin, Galileo Galilee, Copernicus, King Henry VIII, Geoffrey Chaucer, Queen Elizabeth. At this point of rebirth, new styles of art were introduced such as paintings, sculptures, architectures and even scientific discoveries were made such as anatomy, circulatory system,