The Product of Human Creativity

Human creativity is boundless. They produce bountiful beautiful things. We cannot imagine that things have gone this far. It is evident to witness such development of creation. Before long, technology before is very poor. Stones, metals are the equipment and materials people used. Communication is very slow. Mobile phones long time ago are keypad-type. Photography has improved a lot. Mankind can even create and produce 3D work. Can you imagine the growth of world-wide web nowadays?

Letters before are sent manually, there is a certain person in-charge handing the letter personally. Now, sending letters are very easy and fast through phones, landlines, fax and so on. To visit someone at his own place is the only chance you can see his face (of course with the exception of photos). But now, you they are just one click button away only through the world-wide web that you can connect and see their faces anytime and anywhere. The creation of light bulb, television, smartphones, vehicles, and other technologies are the products of human creativity.

Left and right brain showing different functions

It took very long time for people to have electricity. After the accessibility of electricity, coloured TVs were not adopted at the soonest time but after such a long time after the electricity’s adoption. Like this, more and more things were developed by human innovation and creativity. It is said that a skill is acquired through studying, practice and observation. Also, exploration is always in progress, see this. It will not stop, that is why, from one creation, it will be upgraded every now and then to see an increase visibility.