Art: It is Distinct from Nature

There are many people who think that nature is a work of art. First we have to look into the definition of an art in order to differentiate it from nature. Art is an expression of human imagination and emotions, and is created through the hand and skill of a person. Thus, art is man-made beauty. Art actually possesses beauty imitating the image of nature. Art possesses beauty, natural creations possesses beauty too. Does this mean nature is an art?

Nature is the natural view of the earth and the universe. Art is a work of human, although both possess beauty, no doubt these two are totally different from each other. Natural view of the universe is created by the Supernatural Being. Nature is never an art. Thanks to nature, art was developed in the minds of people. Art came out through imitating nature. Art is a display of nature through painting, drawings, sculpture—visual arts, and dancing and sing—performing arts.

We appreciate art that much. But nature is more appreciated. Why? Who laid the Earth’s foundations? Who o Earth would do this? Who created the heavens and the earth with perfect movements of everything on earth and outside the earth? We can not help but to be amazed of everything we see! Numerous artists can make an art but never can perform creation. How amazing is it? Our body has 3 billion cells working together. Art can never be like this.