Relationship of art to education of children

You may have heard of the effect of art into the children. Schools around the world vary and they offer different courses and have different styles of teaching. Curriculum differs as long as it conforms to the standard of the nation on education. It is a general standard but it can be adjusted according to the principle of the school. The school board can decide what they need to impose for the good education of the students. They can include activities and events when they see it is suitable for their growth not just in education.

Many private schools are usually the one who offers special classes or activities. Then back to the title of the article, what then is the relationship of art to education? Art is influential. It covers many aspect of life. Have you heard of the stories about students who did good in school due to their involvement in arts. Art can heal a broken soul. When a student can find a way to release their emotion, art is one great way. When they go to psychologists they also uses drawing to let them understand the emotions within them.

Have you watched the dou singers who auditioned in one competition? They sang with the won composition of one of them mixed in the song. It talks about when he was bullied at school. He found the way to escape the pain through the music. Even if you are a worker of a wash machine if you have a talent of singing, believe in yourself and be cheerful.