Milt Kobayashi: Biography

Former owner of Gallery Shoal Creek, Ann Hagood Ledbetter, first saw Milt’s work on a trip to New York City in the spring of 1984. His timeless images stayed with her when she returned to Austin. Haunted by the quality of his paintings, she found his telephone number through information and within minutes was chatting with Milt in his New York studio. By the time their conversation ended they had become good friends and established a relationship which would flourish in the decade to come.

In 1985, Kobayashi showed his work for the first time in the Southwest at the Gallery at Shoal Creek. His bird’s-eye views of fishermen pulling in their nets and children playing in Central Park created an immediate audience with our gallery clientele.

Kobayashi made his first trip to Texas in the fall of 1989 riding the train from New York to Austin. The gallery hosted a one-man show for the talented artist and collectors viewed his figurative paintings at a private showing in the home of a prominent Austin art patron.

By 1990, Kobayashi had established a national reputation as a figurative painter. While his work has evolved and matured, his rich, illusive style embodies a museum-like quality, drawing the viewer into the painting and arousing curiosity through tonal mood and a sense of human introspection.