Rene Alvarado: Biography

Rene Alvarado was born in 1972, the seventh of eight children, in El Manantial, Mexico, a small farming community in the state of Coahuila. Theaters, concerts or televisions were unknown to his family’s rural lifestyle; so, creative pastimes such as singing and storytelling provided entertainment for children and adults alike and were an integral part of daily life.

Rene came to the United States a shy, quiet seven year old and discovered his interest in drawing when an elementary teacher gave him crayons and markers. As a high school student in San Angelo, Texas, his artistic potential was acknowledged and encouraged. Through school, he was immersed in American culture; yet, he has always felt a strong connection to his Mexican roots, an influence prevalent in the natural and spiritual subject matter of his paintings.

While attending the San Antonio Fine Arts Institute, Rene pursued painting. He was especially inspired by one of his professors who emphasized the importance not only of technique, but also of concept and theme. These ideas continue to motivate Rene to view painting as a metaphorical interpretation of mood and emotion.

In 1995, Rene returned to San Angelo and set up his studio at the Old Chicken Farm Art center, a community of artists under the direction of ceramist Roger Allen. There Rene taught art classes and accepted commissions; but at night, he continued to paint and explore his own vision of the world surrounding him.

In 1998, Rene was chosen as the first Renaissance Gala Artist of the Year by the San Angelo Museum of Fine Arts. This recognition brought other opportunities his way. His works have now reached both national and international private collections, and are featured in galleries in Fort Worth, San Antonio and Austin. He has been featured in ten one-man shows and participated in group exhibitions in London, New York, Los Angeles, Santa Fe, Texas and Colorado.