Rene Alvarado: A Refreshing Star

Step up to one of Rene Alvarado’s paintings, and you are immediately drawn into a world of vibrant color and movement. Shape and shadow abound as this talented young artist juxtaposes cubist-like figures with exaggerated features alongside more symbolic elements such as bird cages and exotic fruit.

Most intriguing are the asymmetrical faces often shown in profile, with blurred features, or camouflaged with masks. “I try, in my paintings, to depict true emotion – and a person never, or rarely, shows their full self to another – there is always something hidden, so I don’t always represent the full body, but only the ‘shown’ parts.”

“Rene’s work is remarkable! It’s rare for a twenty-seven year old artist to have such a well-developed style. At that age, most are still searching – experimenting with a wide range of styles,” says gallery owner, Judith Taylor.

Even so, the young artist constantly pushes himself for more, always aware that “stasis is the death of an artist.” He is particularly drawn to self-portraits, explaining that “all of my work reflects me. It’s impossible for me to be an artist without revealing myself in the process. That revelation is wrapped up in the idea of what art is.”

“I’ve developed a psychological system with colors,” says Rene, a student of psychology, himself, “Red is a relatively recent phase, and for about two years, I painted primarily in blue… for a period of time, I just felt the way the color blue looks.” Regardless the palette – bright, raw infusions of color or more monochromatic schemes – Rene’s paintings maintain a constant vitality reflective of his quest to integrate emotion and intellect.